Gig Buddies is not just fun – it’s serious fun, read why…

11 May 2018

Gig Buddies Brighton have been working with Research in Practice for Adults to find out what difference their Gig Buddies project has been making to the lives of people with learning disabilities and we wanted to share the key findings with you, because we’re very proud of them!

Through interviewing buddies we have found that:
90% of participants said they enjoyed having a Gig Buddy.
86% or participants said they see their Gig Buddy as their friend.
76% said they’re more aware of other ways they can now spend their spare time.
79% said they now go out more in the evenings as a result of Gig Buddies (not just with their buddy).
78% said they’d made new friends in addition to their Gig Buddy volunteer.
90% said that having a Gig Buddy makes them feel less lonely.

We’re delighted with these results, but of course we’ll be working hard to make sure that even more people get to enjoy having a Gig Buddy and we’ll be sharing more about our plans to make that happen soon.

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